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FFL continues... wednesday100 challenge: Lost love.

FFL continues... wednesday100 challenge: Lost love.

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy


Sam lay flat on the bed, hiding his head beneath the pillow. “G’way.”

Clark didn’t listen. He shifted schematics out of the way and sat down on the bed. He touched Sam’s back comfortingly. “I know break ups suck.”

“You don’t know anything!”

“Sam, there’ll be others—”

“How do you know? You’ve been with Papa Lex all your life.”

“True. But Lex hasn’t only been with me. He went out with a lot of people before he became your Papa.”

Sam sat up abruptly, red hair askew. “This is different, Dad! I love Kurt. It’s not just sex!”

Clark blinked and tried to formulate a response. “You had sex with Kurt?”

Sam looked away, blushing. “That’s not the point.”

“You’re too young to have sex.”

“You were younger than me when you had sex.” Sam set his chin defiantly. “And you had a baby.”

“This isn’t about me. This is about you and Kurt.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter anyway because Kurt dumped me!” Sam flopped down and pulled the pillow over his head again. “I want to die.”

Clark scrubbed his face with his hand and vowed to cheat next time he and Lex flipped the parenting coin.

  • Oh ... all the Clex parenting and family stuff is just adorable.

    -Draconis Leona-
  • Awe poor Sam. Poor Clark.
  • Pooor Sam! (and to think PJ once told him that he'd never get laid *G*). I imagine Lex is somewhere in their house thinking "thank god Clark has to take this one!"
    • You remembered! It's the same guy, Kurt, from that wed100. *g*
      • You remembered! It's the same guy, Kurt, from that wed100. *g*

        Kurt, obviously, needs to have Papa Lex stomp on him from a great height. Either that or he needs to be reminded that nobody hurts PJs big brother except PJ *G*.

  • Aw, poor Sam! And Clark doesn't really have a leg to stand on with that whole "you're too young for sex" thing. Why would he even go there? *laughs at the BDA*
  • So Cute!
  • Aw! Woobie kid.
  • Okay.

    That's IT.

    I demand this story in its ENTIRETY. Frankly, I'd like to see this EVEN MORE... than I want S:IP7.

    Which is saying ONE WHOLE HELL OF A LOT.

    It's totally your fault that I'm in love with Sam Kent and want to marry him when I grow up ;_;
    • *G* I's ebil like that. I ain't gonna give you what you want, either. Nyah, nyah.
      • WAAAH! ;_; I shall mope.

        ...I shall threaten you with my weiner dog. She's vicious. And cuthroat. And. Uh.

        Okay, yeah, we're both total wusses, so it's not a very good threat, is it? #^_~#
  • It’s not just sex!”

    Hahahaha! Words to warm a parent's heart! :)
  • Bwa!
  • Hee, very cute. And poor Clark doesn't have a leg to stand on there.
  • Ah! *hugs Sam*

    Lovely done!
  • Poor kid. And poor Clark for having to be responsible parent for his post-break-up teenage son :P
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