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SV Fic: wednesday100 FFL

SV Fic: wednesday100 FFL

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy
My wednesday100 is more like a Wednesday1779. Normally, I would divide it into 100s, with each 100 fitting/answering the challenge, but this time it doesn't divide. So, enjoy a full FFL one-shot instead.

Challenge: Mistakes that turn out well. Can also include happy accidents or other forms of serendipity.

A Match Made With Pasta

Sam looked at his watch and sighed in defeat. He’d been stood up. Again. He rose, dug out his wallet, and dropped a ten on the table for his coffee. He knew it had been a mistake to say yes. He really needed to stop allowing PJ to set him up on blind dates; they never worked out, anyway. He snagged his coat off the back of the chair and turned to go.

And, promptly, smacked into the waiter carrying a tray full of food.

Sam’s lightening reflexes caught the waiter and steadied him before he fell, but it was too late to stop the forward momentum of the dishes. He watched as a plate of pasta with dark red sauce executed a twirl and a flip, and landed face down in someone’s lap.

“Oh, geez.” Sam’s face flamed. The din of the lunch crowd quieted as all eyes focused on the spectacle he’d caused. The victim of his klutziness lifted the plate from his lap and set it on the table. Noodles and red sauce clung to the front of his dress shirt, tie, and trousers.

Sam grabbed a napkin from the table and began wiping the guy’s shirt. “I’m so sorry.” He was such a spazzoid, as his sister still called him at age thirty-eight. The pasta sauce smeared further, staining the white shirt bright red, undoubtedly matching his heated cheeks.

A strong hand enclosed his wrist and he looked up into eyes the color of polished amber. The guy had blond hair cropped in a business cut and dimples in his cheeks caused by his smile. “It’s okay. It was an accident.”

Sam didn’t think he could be more embarrassed, but then he realized he was cleaning off a stranger’s lap. “Sorry.”

The guy let go of his wrist. “I said it’s okay.”

“Yeah, but… oh, geez.” Sam put the dirty napkin on the table, got out his wallet, and gave the guy one of his business cards. “Here. Just send me the cleaning bill for your suit. I’ll pay for lunch, too.”

The manager came up to the table, looking horrified. He addressed the pasta-stained man. “Sir, my apologies. If there is anything we can do—”

“I’m taking care of it,” Sam said. “If you’ll total up his bill for me, plus anything else they’d like for lunch, I’d appreciate it.”

“Very good. Charles,” the manager indicated to the waiter, “if you’d please.”

The waiter set the surviving dishes on the table and prepared to take another order. Sam followed the manager. He glanced over his shoulder and saw the blond guy watching after him. He blushed furiously in embarrassment.

Sam settled up with the bill, apologizing profusely to the manager the entire time. Finally, he escaped the restaurant. He ducked into the alley between buildings, leaned against the wall, and buried his face in his hands with a loud groan of despair. “You are such a strawberry fruit chew,” he mumbled to himself.

He dropped his hands, glanced out the alley, and saw Rick Swanson saunter past. He knew immediately that was whom his sister had set him up with; Rick had been trying to get into his pants for months. He pressed against the brick wall, trying to make himself invisible. He thanked his lucky stars that Rick had been late. He wasn’t that desperate.

Making sure no one was watching, Sam took flight and landed nimbly on the rooftop of LexCorp Tower a few seconds later. He entered through the hidden door on the roof and rode the private elevator down to the labs in the sub-basement level. He exchanged weak hellos with his coworkers as he walked down the halls to his office. He barricaded himself inside, exchanged his winter coat for his lab coat, and picked up the phone.


“Rick Swanson?!”

“I take it the date didn’t go well,” PJ said over the phone line.

“It didn’t go at all,” Sam said, dropping into his swivel chair behind the desk. “Rick was late, and it’s good thing, too, or I’d have to take a contract out on you.”

“Nice rhyming.”

“Shut up. Why the hell did you set me up with him?”

“You need to get laid, Sam, and Rick is a sure thing.”

Sam sputtered. “I can’t believe you, you- you pimp!”

“I was doing you a favor. You’re wound too tight again. The Dads are worried about you. No, I don’t care what excuses Gigerton gives, I want the final project data in my hands before six tonight.”

Sam scrubbed his hand through his short, red hair as PJ spouted more orders to her secretary. “They don’t need to be worried. I’m fine,” he interjected when she paused for a breath.

“Last time you said that, you blew up your lab with you still in it.”

Sam felt his cheeks heating at the humiliating reminder. “It was an accident.”

“One that wouldn’t have happened if you went home at night like normal people do,” PJ said. He could hear her fingers clacking on a keyboard. “Speaking of normal people, I need to go. Rebecca and Allie have a half-day at school and I promised we’d go ice skating.”


“Promise me you won’t stay in the lab all night?”

“Peej, I have a lot of work—”

“I’m CEO of LuthorCorp and even I can make time to leave the office.”

Yeah, but she had a husband and two kids waiting for her at home. Sam had a dead fish.

“Sam,” PJ drew out his name in her mother-voice. “Promise?”

“Fine. I’ll leave at ten.”








“Seven.” Sam sighed. “I hate you.”

“The feeling’s mutual, nerd-boy.” PJ made kissing sounds and disconnected without a goodbye.

Sam hung up, dropped his head back, and stared at the ceiling. Talking to PJ always made him feel both happy and sad at the same time. She cheered him up, but never failed to remind him that he was alone. It wasn’t as if it were his fault; he hadn’t planned on being single still at his age. He just got overly involved in his work and time passed before he knew it. Besides, it wasn’t like he was all that attractive. He was nerd-boy, after all: pale, skinny, with clown-red hair and freckles. It wasn’t as if he could show off his alien-inherited abilities, either, to gain the interest of other gay men, and there was a difference between casual sex and being in a relationship, so he had to be picky.

Sam pretended he wasn’t lying to himself and then gave his chair a push. He wheeled over to his drafting table and went to work on the schematics for his current project.

The buzz of the intercom startled him and he scratched a line on the blueprint. Scowling, he used the erasing plate to remove the pencil mark. The intercom buzzed again. With a nudge of the chair, he rolled over to his desk and picked up the phone. “Sam Kent.”

“Mr. Kent, there’s a visitor here to see you. A Mr. Andrew Elliott.”

Sam recognized the front desk security officer’s voice. He didn’t recognize the visitor’s name, though. “I’ll be right up,” he said. It wasn’t wise to let unknown people into the labs, Papa Lex had drilled that into his head. Corporate espionage was a common threat (though usually the person worked for PJ).

A glance at his watch made him wince. It was already past seven. He’d bet this person did work for PJ and was checking up to see if he’d left like he’d promised her. He rode the elevator up to the lobby level, prepared to have security throw the guy out on his ear. He saw the back of a tall man, wearing jeans and a lambs wool jacket, standing near the front desk in the otherwise empty lobby, when he got off the elevator. He nodded to the security officer as he approached. “Hello, I’m Sam Kent. You wanted to see me?”

The man turned around and, promptly, Sam tripped over his feet. He was caught and steadied by the guy, whose dimples caught the shadows when he grinned. “Hello again.”

It was the guy from the restaurant. Sam flushed in embarrassment. “Um, sorry to fall into you like that. At least there was no pasta.” Sam tugged on the lapels of his lab coat. “Uh… do you have a cleaning bill for me?”

“No need for one. I didn’t like that suit anyway.” Andrew Elliott held out his hand. “I’m Drew, by the way.”

Sam shook Drew’s hand. “I’m Sam, which you know already. I gave you my card. Which you also know already and why you’re here.” He was such a dork! However, he was a confused dork. “Actually, why are you here? If you don’t have a cleaning bill, that is.”

“Since my lunch was ruined, I thought you’d might like to make it up to me by taking me to dinner,” Drew said.

“Sure. Of course. I should’ve offered to do that myself.” Sam glanced around the lobby. “Is the other person here, too? I owe them a meal, as well.”

“I usually don’t invite my brother to come on dates with me,” Drew said with a smile.

Sam jerked his gaze back to Drew. “Date?”

“Yes, a date.” Drew’s smile faded. “Unless you’re not interested—”

“No! Yes! No. No, I mean…” Sam took a breath and stopped stammering. “I’m interested.”

Drew’s smile returned. “Good. I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Really?” Sam refrained from smacking himself in the face at how pathetic he sounded. “Never mind. I just didn’t expect… I spilled pasta on you and ruined your suit and otherwise made a fool of myself, just like I am right now.”

“I don’t know. I think you’re doing just fine,” Drew said, dimples deepening.

Despite what PJ said, Sam didn’t need to get hit with a brick to understand when someone was interested in him. Drew was definitely interested. “Um, okay. Let me get my coat. I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be right here,” Drew said.

Sam smiled tentatively and headed back to the elevators. He saw Drew watching him as he stepped inside and pressed the button. Drew winked right as the doors slid closed.

Sam felt his stomach flip. He had a date. A real date, not something PJ pimped. An actual date with someone who was really interested in him, even after he’d acted like a complete klutz and a total spaz.

Maybe he should throw pasta at guys more often.

  • So cute! Now do we get the date and after date story?
  • Maybe he should throw pasta at guys more often.

    That was so cute! I like! I like!
  • Awww...

    My face hurts from smiling so much! That rocked!!! Yay Spaz!Sam! Yay Dimples!Drew! Yay Sneaky!PJ! I get excited every Wednesday just to get another glimpse at the FFL crew. *g* I'm in LOVE with this universe. I have read FFL so many times that pretty soon, I'll have it memorized.

  • Not just the date/after date stories, but the meet the 'rents (Dads) story - hee.
  • *wibbles* I want more of Sam SO BAD. *waits patiently* we loves Sam. we wants to take Sam home, we does.
  • As they say, *CUTE*!!

    Do you have pictures of Sam & PJ? And do we know who PJ married, or am I confused? And now someone must give us a picture of Drew, yes precious.

    I shall have to re-read FFL. Oh, the suffering!
    • Sorry, no pictures and no, you don't know who PJ is married to, this is the first time I mentioned her at age 33. Mwahaha.
  • Oh, how adorable!!!
    More, please, and I beg of you, don't make Sam suffer??

  • Oooh ... Sam is so adorable. And, yeah, totally with the more on this one.

    I think your audience loves Sam & PJ these days more than we love Clark & Lex ... hmmm, nah! But we do love Sam & PJ.

    -Draconis Leona-
  • I love Drew, he's wonderful. And the way they met - if the spilling pasta all over the place and spazzing out thing wasn't pure Clark *G*. And I can already tell that when Drew gets the "happy to see you hands" story from The Dads, he'll be mentioning it to Sam for the rest of their lives *G*.

    Now, do we get the date, the after date and the Drew Meets The Dads story?
    • Everyone wants the date/after/meet the Dads. It's like a conspiracy to get me to write more :) Urge the drabble challenger to issue challenges to match that wnat, and you got it.
  • Oooh...Definitely continue with this!! Sam is so adorable! I love reading how the two Luthor kids grow up and stuff; totally cool.
  • And SQUEEEE! Sam can fly and get pregnant! ANd move very fast. This is so cool!
  • Awww, I love Sam. :)
  • squee!!
    dude! this is so sweet!!
  • eee!!!!!! That was adorable!!!! I hope we might get to see what happens with Sam and Drew? *grin*
    • You and everyone else. Perhaps, if the challenges fall that way, you'll get to see life with Sam and Drew.
  • YAY cute dimple Drew

    I'm so happy for Sam! Agh! Is it wrong that I am more involved in a fictional character's life than my own? Whatever, I'm not going to complain. And it was a great glimpse into what is in store for the fam - to know PJ finds her place (so very Luthor) and Sam still struggles with it (so very Kent).

    I try to see these as extremely generous gifts you grant us so allow me to say thank you. Of course, I'm greedy so I'll ask, will cute dimple Drew be the one for Sam?
    • Re: YAY cute dimple Drew

      Thank you! And yes, Drew is The One for Sam. It just took Sam 38 years to meet him. Perhaps some futurefic drabbles with them will fall your way, depending on the 100 gods :)
  • Awww, that was so good!
    Finally Sam met someone!

    And I'm totally one the conspiracy for the date/after/meet the Dads stories.

    Are you sure that you don't know who is portraying Sam and Drew? ;-)
  • Yay! How wonderful! I'm so glad that you've decided to do these!

    Thirty-eight? Poor Sam!
  • Henry, I'm so glad you've been continuing in your FFL-verse. I love to read that story for a nice cheer up, and I'm adoring your continuations. Thank you!

    I saw you asked for FFL icons a little while ago and got one. I thought I'd add to your collection as well. They were all inspired by the original story, so I hope that is okay. *G*

  • Eeeeee! I love the FFL universe, and I second, third (whatever vote it is now) for a fic with Drew meeting the dads. Too cute.
  • So fun! Now, see? The drabbles are getting longer--you crave a sequel as much as the rest of us do!

    This was a great ficlet. :)
  • Sweetie,

    thank you. As always, this was wonderful. I love this universe so much, you're adding more to it each week is such an amazing present to us.

  • Oh my gawd the cuteness!!! I love them. *grin* More?
  • Aww so cute! Sam with a crush!

    Definetely, like father, like son.

    I can see Drew as a clean cut Josh Holloway. The dimples!

    Can't wait for next week.
  • I am so glad to know, that Sam, though a bit late in life, gets someone who appreciates him. I already spin glorious tales of happy, domestic life for Sam and Drew, because Sam deserves someone who loves him and takes care of him. Thankfully PJ is, however inadequately, looking out for him.

    Thanks for that delightful glimpse in the far-away future of Sam and PJ.
  • So cute!

    casual sex could lead to pregnancy, anyway

    Oh no!

    Maybe he should throw pasta at guys more often.

    No... I think he should just throw pasta at Drew. {g}
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