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wednesday100 Challenge - Darker Sides

wednesday100 Challenge - Darker Sides

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

“Sam admitted it?”

“He said that it was against the law to interrogate him without a parent present,” Mrs. Kritchfield said.

Lex schooled his features, hiding his amusement. Clark sighed wearily. “We’ve been teaching him the difference between reality and fictional television.”

“In your lessons, you’ve obviously neglected to teach him the difference between right and wrong.” Mrs. Krichfield’s face pinched in censure. “The students saw Sam pour the solution over Christopher’s head.”

“Why would he do such a thing?” Clark said.

Lex looked at the picture of a completely bald, sob-eyed child. “I think we can hazard a guess.”

  • Yay!

    That was very cute. And funny. Is it wrong that I thought it was funny?
  • ...waaaah!!! Poor SAM! #^_^#
  • i love this, but i'm not so sure as to WHY he did what he did
    *feels like an idiot*
    • I had to read it twice too. I think the Christopher brat had been slagging Sam's parent(s) -- specifically Lex's baldness. So Sam poured the solution over Christopher's head, making him (a) bald and (b) more polite in future. :)
    • thats what i thought, but i wasn't sure - thanx!
      sam's one precocious little kid huh?
      but i <3 these drabbles!
    • Bingo!
  • I really enjoyed this! Any chance of more? *g*
  • Hehehe!
    That was fun!

    And what a lovely icon!
  • Did he dump the solution on the kid's head to make him bald *G*?

    That's a toughie - as a parental unit, you're inwardly thinking "DAMN! I LOVE THIS CHILD!"

    But to the Feds (i.e. the teachers) you have to be all "Oh my goodness, we'll have a long talk with him and ground him until he's five."

    GO SAM!
    • Yep, retalition- you make fun of my bald daddy, I make you bald so you can't make fun anymore. Ah, the logic of 4yos.
  • Heh! Go, Sam! I love these drabbles.
  • Sam is an excellent judge of character!
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