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SV wednesday100 Challenge - Freaks of the Week Return

SV wednesday100 Challenge - Freaks of the Week Return

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy


“This is Kaylee Watts with Action Five News speaking to you live from LuthorCorp Tower. We just learned that Mayoral candidate Lex Luthor and his two children are being held hostage in the lobby.

“According to inside sources, Luthor had been visiting his father, multi-billionaire Lionel Luthor, in the penthouse suite at the top of the Tower. There is no information as to what happened to security and the cleaning crews in the otherwise empty building.”

Kalyee pressed her fingers over her earpiece to hear better, as one of her crew, Rob, from the news van reported over the wire. She spoke into her microphone, looking into the television camera. “I have been told we’ve been able to tap into the live security cameras inside LuthorCorp Tower. We’ll switch over to them now.”

Her cameraman panned the police and rescue officers surrounding the Tower, zooming in towards the glass doors of the lobby. Red and blue lights flashed and voices shouted orders on the streets outside the building. In the van, Rod cut to the security feed and said over her earpiece, “We’re in.”

Kaylee hurried to the open side door of the Action Five News van and climbed inside.

Hovering behind Rod, Kaylee studied the black and white feed playing on the control monitor. Her mic was still live. “We’re looking at the lobby of LuthorCorp Tower. There’s Lex Luthor, standing with his children, Sam and PJ, near the elevators, along with an unidentified man. There is no sign of the security guards that man the front desk after hours.”

“We have sound,” Rod whispered, fingers flying over the control board keys.

“I’ve been told we have sound,” Kaylee repeated into her mic. “This is live feed directly from the security cameras in the lobby of LuthorCorp Tower.”

The monitor buzzed and Lex Luthor’s tinny voice came out of a speaker in the control panel. “—em go, Mxyzptlk. You don’t need them.”

Kaylee flipped the off switch on her mic and watched the screen intently.

“On the contrary, Lex, it is you I do not need,” Mxyzptlk said in a heavily accented voice. His back was to the security camera. “Lionel Luthor cares for his grandchildren more than you, especially the younger one. Pamela Jean, I think is her name.”

“Don’t you even look at them,” Lex hissed, leaning forward threateningly with narrowed eyes and clenched fists.

“She is my ticket home.” Mxyzptlk held out a hand. “Come here, Pamela Jean.”

PJ pulled out of her brother’s grip and started for him. “Papa Lex!” Sam shouted, grabbing for her.

“No!” Lex charged towards Mxyzptlk.


Kaylee’s eyes widened as Lex froze mid-step, one foot in the air. The cords in his neck strained as he fought whatever invisible hold had him. “Don’t you touch her,” Lex growled. “Don’t—”


Lex’s mouth still moved, but his voice cut off abruptly.

“Jesus,” Rob breathed in a stunned tone in the van. “That guy has some kind of powers.”

“Come here, Pamela Jean,” Mxyzptlk said again. “Release her, Samuel.”

Sam let go immediately, face twisted in fear. PJ walked directly to Mxyzptlk. Lex fought against his invisible bonds, screaming silently at Mxyzptlk.

“Leave her alone!” Sam burst forward and shoved Mxyzptlk. Mxzyptlk staggered a step, then drew back his arm and punched Sam in the face.

Sam’s head snapped sharply to the side and he collapsed to the floor in a heap.

Kaylee covered her mouth with a gasp. Rob cursed.

Lex made a sound like a wounded lion, face and neck corded tensely, sweat visible on his brow.

Mxyzptlk extended his hand to the little girl. “Take my hand.”

PJ walked closer and reached for him.

NNEEEEAAAAAHHHRRR.” The roar of rage echoed in the lobby and over the speakers, as Lex broke free of whatever held him. He tackled Mxyzptlk, sending them crashing to the floor, away from PJ and out of camera range.

“Switch cameras!” Kaylee exclaimed. “Hurry!”

Rob’s fingers flew over the control keyboard. “I’m hurrying.”

Kaylee flipped on her mic. “Lex Luthor has taken down a man named Mix-eez-pittle-ick, who was attempting to possibly kidnap PJ Luthor, daughter of Lex and granddaughter of Lionel Luthor.

“You can see that the police have finally entered the building. Several surround the children. The remainder secure the lobby and move in to apprehend Mix-eex-pittle-ick.

“And there’s Lex Luthor, on camera again. He has scratches visible on his face and hands, but otherwise appears uninjured. He has picked up PJ and rushes over to his adopted son, who remains on the floor. Rescue EMTs have entered the building with two stretchers.”

Kaylee saw movement on the screen and relief swept through her. “Sam looks to be all right. The left side of his face appears only to be bruised.”

Lex knelt on the floor, PJ clutched with one arm and Sam clutched in the other. Sam had both arms around Lex’s neck, tears streaming down his scrunched, bruised face. PJ flopped over Lex’s other arm, looking bored.

Garbled voices of officers and EMTs came over the security camera speaker. Kaylee watched as Mxyzptlk was wheeled into sight on a stretcher. His face was an unrecognizable, bloody pulp. Cuffed and strapped to the stretcher, the EMTs pushed him out of the building.

The other EMTs attempted to check out Sam, but a fierce glare from Lex made them back off.

A tall man in a rumpled suit and glasses fought his way through the police line at the lobby doors. “Lex! Lex!”

“Clark Kent, Lex’s partner, has arrived on scene,” Kaylee reported. “It looks like the police will let him pass—yes. He’s running through the lobby to where Lex, PJ, and Sam are. Let’s see if we can hear what they’re saying.”

PJ broke from Lex’s hold and raised her arms to her other father. Clark scooped her up, touching her head, her shoulders, and her back, checking for injury. Lex stood, picking up Sam as he did so.

“Is he all right?” Clark’s worried tones were barely audible over the other noises coming through the speaker.

“He will be,” Lex said.

“What about you?” Clark laid a hand on Sam’s head. Sam clung tighter to Lex.

“I’m fine.” Lex appeared anything but fine, his face wrought with emotion.

Clark looked pained. “I heard you, but I couldn’t…”

Lex’s lips tilted in a small, sad smile. “It’s okay, Clark. You know that.”

“I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you. Any of you.” Clark curved his arm around Lex’s shoulder and pulled him into a partial embrace.

Lex dropped his forehead to Clark’s shoulder. Clark rested his cheek on the bow of Lex’s head, the two children held back to back in their other arms. They stood like that in the middle of the chaos as the police did their jobs.

Kaylee put her hand on Rob’s shoulder, squeezed, and lifted her microphone. “I’m glad to report that the hostage situation is over, Mxyzptlk is in custody, and Mayoral candidate Lex Luthor and his family appear all right. This is Kaylee Watts with Action Five News, live from LuthorCorp Tower. Back to you in the studio, John.”


Considering FFL veers off after Stray in s1, the FotW stable is different than the show. I used one that was attached to Lionel instead of SV itself, for believability. Hope it worked.
  • fabulous!!!
    loved that!
  • Yeah, baby. It worked. *<3s Sam* ;_;
  • *goes swoony over protective lion!Lex mode* Very nice! And seeing it from the reporter's point of view is interesting...
  • This was great!

    Don't ever get between a parent and their child, its about as smart as trying to molest a cub while Mrs. Grizzly Bear is around. Lex's ability to break the restraints was completely believable, and I was on the edge of my computer chair!
  • This was scary *nodnodnod*

  • Oh, I loved that.

    Lex is so strong and just fierce - such a good papa. I love how he turned Mix in to pulp - don't mess with him or his.

    I also like how the amount of people (and video cameras) and the showiness of the hostage situation made it so that Clark could swoop in a save everyone. Lex gets to be a hero too, even though he would have loved to have Clark's help. Yay Lex.
  • The fact that Mxyzptlk is attached to Lionel is what made this so believable. Especially with him going after PJ primarily. I loved this snippet. I'm really enjoying watching you flesh FFL out more and more. It's like coming home to a familiar story every time I open your LJ and there's more there. (Oh wait, that's because it is. {smirks})

    -Draconis Leona-
  • YAY! I love this universe.
    *happy sigh*

  • oh, it worked beautifully! *sniffles happily*
  • Wonderful! I loved the point of view!
  • This works really well. I like the fact that given the situation Clark isn't able to come to the rescue and it's all down to Lex to be the hero.
  • *happy sappy sigh*
  • This was wonderful as always sweetie. I love the fierceness of their love for one another. It's so real you can touch it here.
  • *happy sigh* Now I need to go read FFL again. This was wonderful--very suspenseful.
  • Oh, how lovely, and I was so worried the entire time too!!

    It felt like closure for Lex after "Jitters"...he now has a family to hold him, and to hold on to!!

  • These were excellent, as always. My week is complete now ;)
  • I love these, now I'm off to read FFL again.
  • Yay! That was great!
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