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wednesday100 Challenge: Cheating and Adultery

wednesday100 Challenge: Cheating and Adultery

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy
A wednesday 100x2, but minus the dividing line, because it makes for awkward paragraphs.

Thirty-seven years. Clark stood at the bathroom sink in his pajama shorts, brushing his teeth, looking at his reflection in the mirror. He’d woken up at the alarm to the beginning of his thirty-seventh year with Lex. Thirty-seven years with the same person, loving, laughing, fighting, fornicating, and facing life together. It was hard to believe it had been so long, yet it felt like it had been only yesterday he was sitting in a theater, telling Lex that he loved him.

Clark couldn’t picture his life being anything but how it was, with Lex and their children and grandchildren. Sometimes, he’d fantasize about having sex with someone else. Occasionally, he developed crushes and basked in their attention. But he never allowed it to go further, never really thought seriously about having an affair. Lex had his heart, and that far outstripped any physical needs.

“Morning,” Lex grunted, eyes barely open, pillow creases lining his aging face. He knocked into Clark as he walked by, yawn cracking his jaw and scratching his cotton-clad ass, as he schlepped tiredly towards the toilet.

Clark grinned around his toothbrush at the mirror.

Thirty-seven years, and all he could think of was wanting more.

  • Awwww... How very prosaic, but still cute! *g*
    • Yep. I wanted it to just feel like any other day, where your s.o. is a fixture in your life, and you're having that moment of "oh, wow, we've been together for a while, haven't we?" that long-time partners/marrieds get.
  • Yes! Just like that! *grin*
  • *happysigh*
  • so very sweet:D
  • Awwwww!!!
    Love it!!
    Thank you, darling!!
  • This gives me a nice warm fuzzy feeling... I hope my husband and I can be like that after 37 years!

    I've read Family, Friendship and Love (one of my favorites!) and a lot of the Wednesday drabbles... But a comment a few weeks ago made me think that maybe there were more stories in the series? Or maybe just a timeline? If there is more, where can I find it?
    • Thanks!

      At the moment, there are just the drabbles in my memories section. I've been doing them one a week since January. At the end of the year, I'll post them on my site as one webpage. I was debating on whether to put them in chronological order or just let them snapshot back and forth through time, which is where you had gotten the timeline from.
  • So very true. There are times when you just think, "God, it's been this long?" and you just grin like a silly, silly person. Gotta love Clark for having one of those moments.

    And Lex scratching his ass, well, it's just perfect. It's in the fact that your patner has nor shame in doing that, farting, or picking his nose that makes one smile. Or maybe it's just me. *g*
    • I'm glad the homey familiarity of it came across. And I love those moments, myself, which usually lead to glomping and smoochies.
      • The familiarity rocks. *nods* Really. I think it's the but scratching that did it.

        Oh, smoochies are so sweet, specially after that heart warming feeling, knowing that you've spend half of hour life with this person and can't wait for the rest. That's what I loved about the end of the scene. *nods*
  • Awww, lovely done!
  • *happysigh* Delightful. Thank you.
  • Very true, very real. And the snippet again showed the true love and commitment those two have in this AU. I loved this snippet very much!
  • This made me very happy and gave me a big smile. Lovely.
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