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wednesday100 Challenge: Moment of Contemplation

wednesday100 Challenge: Moment of Contemplation

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

Clark opened his Favorites folder, clicked on the link labeled My Happy Place, and stared longingly at the screen. It wouldn’t take much: a click of the mouse and his trouble would belong to someone else, very far away. There, his trouble would fall under discipline that he couldn’t seem to accomplish and be molded into something better. He’d have no more worries, frustration, or false comforting of a rightfully paranoid partner. Life would become much simpler and easy.

Clark closed the browser before temptation became too great. Miss Hall’s School for Girls was safe from PJ for another day.

  • Clark closed the browser before temptation became too great. Miss Hall’s School for Girls was safe from PJ for another day.

    You know, we haven't actually seen all that much of Miss Pamela Jean Luthor, but ... she's a tad scary, isn't she *G*?

    PJ actually follows Murphy's Law of Having Children - if the first one is mostly a breeze, you will be lulled into the incredibly stupid assumption that the second one will be just as easy and that is when SATAN STRIKES.
    • Heh. I was thinking we haven't seen much of Clark either, so that's why the drabble was from his perspective. Gonna have to work on another PJ one. And she's definitely Lex Mach II. Lionel has yet to stop laughing.
      • Lionel is probably egging her on too "You know, when your father was your age he..." While Lex turns white and Clark pulls his hair out.

        That's the Parental Curse at work, you know: "May you have a child who is JUST LIKE YOU." And Lex, Lord help him and Clark, DID.
  • I totally see Clark doing something like that. He was such a good kid, I bet it would be really hard for him to deal with a rebelling kid, and PJ is probably a genius on top of it, so that can't help matters much.
    This week's entry is funny, so I'm not afraid of you anymore.
    At least not this week.
    Just so you know.


  • *GRINS* PJ is SUCH a demon. It's obviously The Curse being visited upon Lex.

    "One day, I hope you have a child JUST LIKE YOU!"
    • I think she's probably worse in some respects, because she's a girl, and they're that much more %&@#! But unlike Lex, she probably has money restraints on her... which only serves to make her sneaky and wild, instead of blatantly wild.
    • I'd almost feel sorry for Lex.


      Except he probably deserves it *grins*
    • And unlike Lex, she also has two parents who love her enough to set limits, which she flouts, but at least she has them.
  • *shakes head*
    Poor, poor Clark!!

    *snickers off*
  • Hahah…hahahaha!!!
  • Heh!

    Liked it lots. Although when I saw "My Happy Place" I thought of our trollopy list and my brain got stuck there for a coupla seconds :)

    Love reading your wednesday100 challenges.
  • *snickers* Poor Clark! Didn't know he'd have to deal with a teenage Lex-clone, did he?
  • *giggles madly* I love it!
  • I don't know if you know, but there is a Miss Hall's boarding school. It is Dana Hall, but commonly known as Miss Hall's... hehehe, they were one of the schools that came to my school's dances. Personally, if you were trying for reform of difficult children, I'd go Emma Willard or MPS, the former being a dyke school (yes, this is how it is known EVERYWHERE) and the latter being a trophy wife school. Ethil Walker is the ho school.

    *cough* yea, I am rereading FFL for kicks ^^
    • Heh. Yeah, I did know, as I looked up places to send PJ to and picked one that was real *g* The school pages didn't have listed as to how good they were at reforming kids, though... :)
      • Thats cool, most people would just make one up, it makes me happy when people actually do the research!
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