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wednesday100 Challenge: Sickness/Illness

wednesday100 Challenge: Sickness/Illness

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

Perfect Attendance

“I hate you.”

Despite knowing that PJ didn’t mean it, the words still stung. “What did I supposedly do this time?” Clark asked, as his thirteen-year-old climbed into the car.

PJ shoved a folder at him.

Nonplussed, Clark opened the folder and found a Perfect Attendance Award inside. “PJ, this is wonderful.”

“No, it’s not,” PJ grumped. “That’s my seventh one.”

“And that’s not a good thing?”

PJ rolled her eyes and sighed like only a teenager could. “I’ve had perfect attendance at school. Only nerds like Sam get perfect attendance. Everyone thinks I’m a freak for not getting sick.”

“You’re not a freak,” Clark said immediately. “Lex had perfect attendance for many years.”

“I hate to break it to you, but Papa Lex is a nerd, too.”

Clark smothered a chuckle. “PJ, it’s not a bad thing to go to school everyday.”

“Yes, it is! Everyone else gets sick, and gets to stay home and watch TV and not be at school, but me.” PJ scowled. “It’s unfair. Why do I have to be punished for you and Dad having non-sick genes?”

“Because we love you, honey.”

PJ crossed her arms and slumped in her seat. “I hate you.”


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  • That's cute. Ultimate rebel PJ still has perfect attendance. Gotta love those Kryptoninan genes.

    Poor PJ. "Papa Lex is a nerd, too."

    Unable to stay home and lounge around - you know, the boys really ought to let her take a mental health day somewhere during high school *G*.
    • Just for my own mental FFL timeline, how old is Clark here?
      • Er, 13+5+16=34 PJ is 5 years younger than Sam (b.2007). Clark had Sam when he was 16 (b.Aug 2002). Clark and Lex declared love when Sam was 4 (September 2006 - you can tell by Lana having just gone back to college) and had PJ a year later. I made a mistake in my comment to you last go around. They moved in together when Sam was 3, but like I said above, they didn't start their partnership until Sam was 4.

        You know, I should really start an actual timeline on paper. Think people would be interested in seeing it?
        • I think an actual timeline would be wonderful! I'd love to see one, and I think other people would too - we all love this universe so much, and it would be great to be able to check and say "OH! OK, so and so is this old, and that happened here," and so on.
          • It will need to be illustrated, though. I think someone should do some pictures. Or corral others into creating some pictures.

            • Yeah a timeline would be great! And I could help you out with the illustrated part of it, if you want. :-)
              • Oh, I love your illustrationary skills. You're on.
                • Great! I love this universe so much, it will be my pleasure and honor to contribute to it. You just have to email me the details of what you want when it suits you. :-)
    • Surely they'll let her observe Senior Skip Day. (Do kids still do that?)
      • Heh. By then, she'll have ditched school plenty. Once she reaches high school, that's when she started to go wild and Lionel gained permanent laughlines.
  • Hee! That was cute!
  • He, I was one of those kids that never ever got sick. But my mom felt sorry for me for never getting to stay at home, so every now and then, she'd call school and lie, and I'd get a day off with movies and snacks at home... C'mon Clark, cut her some slack!
  • Hah, I remember faking sick to stay home because whenever I did get sick, I felt so awful it wasn't ay fun.
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