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wednesday100 Challenge: After the Credits Roll

wednesday100 Challenge: After the Credits Roll

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy
This was a hard one, since FFL branched off after Stray. I chose an oft-repeated ep that could demonstrate the friendship Clark and Lex had that led up to them sleeping together later on.

Clark saw Lex enfolded in a faux embrace by his father. Lex stood stiffly, an expression of longing on his face as he looked in Kent family’s direction. The hugs Clark received from his parents were warm and real, but he felt bad about them.

Clark told his parents that he’d meet them later and waited until he caught Lex alone. Standing near the ambulance, Clark enfolded Lex in his arms and whispered against the side of his head, “I’m glad you’re okay.”

Lex clutched Clark like a lifeline in return, and murmured, “I am now.”

Clark held him tighter.


No FFLette next week (and possibly the week after), as I'm going on vacation.
  • Lovely drabble! Have a nice time on vacation!
  • Have a great vacation! I just hope I don't sink too deep into FFL withdrawl while you're gone.
  • Damn my first comment was eaten.

    This was so heartwarming. I loved this version of the story. I remember the ep and the hugs in there. Lexes look was so heartbreaking and resigned when he recieved the empty PR hug from Lionel. This drabble made it all better.

  • Oh, sweet drabble! Have a wonderful vacation!
  • Yes, early season one does fit with FFL! Have a good vacation!
  • *sigh* This is just perfect. I was wondering what you were going to do with FFL on this challenge. Duh (on my part) this is a histroy before the beggining of the Fic. Again perfect, and happy Va-Ca!
  • Ahhhhh, loved it!!

    Have fun!
  • That was lovely and touching. A much more satisfactory outcome than the one on the show.
  • Very nice and happy. Even sexy Luthors need hugs, too! *pouts*
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