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wednesday100 Challenge: Scars

wednesday100 Challenge: Scars

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy
This is last week's challenge, which I missed due to vacation. I wrote a story for the topic anyway.

“Hey, little brother,” PJ said, crouching in front of Daniel’s grave. She took a small teddy bear from her coat pocket and rattled the bell inside. “Look what I brought you for Christmas.”

Other small baby gifts sat at the base of the slate gray headstone. The bear snuggled between a stuffed bunny and a mechanical reindeer. She grinned when the reindeer’s nose began glowing red under the shade of her arm.

Her grin faded, as she brushed the snow clinging to the letters beneath her brother’s name. “I’m sorry our Dads didn’t come, but it would’ve been your first Christmas and they’re not coping too well.”

Depression hung along with the garland around the house. Home for college on winter break, PJ was witness to the daily grief her parents still felt by Daniel’s death. Daddy Clark was gone playing Superman more than he was home, and Papa Lex surfaced from the bottom of his liquor bottles only to work himself to exhaustion. They didn’t touch, slept apart, and barely spoke to each other or their family. It hurt PJ to see them that way.

Grandpa Lionel told her that only time would heal their pain, but it would never vanish completely. They’d carry the emotional scars forever. PJ could only pray that they’d turn to one another for comfort and eventually stop pushing everyone away.

“They do love you, though,” PJ said, her fingers tracing the words carved into the marble: Child of the Angels. “And we’re all hoping you’re having the best Christmas imaginable up in heaven.”

The December wind kicked up, blowing coldly, and PJ adjusted her hat over her ears. She rose from her crouch and stuffed her hands into her pockets. She looked at the gifts piled at the base of the headstone and smiled sadly. “Merry Christmas, Dan,” she said.

She turned and headed home.


FFL Timeline Updated
  • *sniff* The poor boys.

    I'm so glad you're back from vacation - I missed these drabbles!
  • Poor boys. I'm glad that at least PJ isn't miserable all the time. LOL! Just goes to show, the only way to evade continual depression is to live your life according to Grandpa Lionel's precepts.
  • tzi
    It's terribly unkind of you to make me cry. Especially when I'm not at home.

    At least I'm the only one in here.

  • *sniff* Damn, that's sad.
  • {bawls}

  • So sad, and so beautiful.

    I hope you continue with the aftermath of this loss for Clark and Lex. I would really love to read how they learn to cope.
  • Boy, as wonderful as this is it still hurts like heck. I'll just be crouching over here in the corner imagining my little offshoot timeline where Mxyzptlk is hovering in the shadows watching this scene with PJ. He then goes back to the penthouse seeing for himself how broken Lex and Clark are.

    He can manipulate reality and when he extrapolates the timelines he sees real potential darkness coming from this. Since in his own warped way he likes them both he decides to fix things. So, at the very instant of Daniels' birth he phases in hearing Lex begging him to breathe, snaps his fingers and then disappears with a pop when a babies cry breaks the stillness of the room.

  • I thought it wasn't possible to make me love this universe more than I already did, but you did it.
    The more you write, the more I want!
    Poor boys, I hope you'll let us know how this will go.
    • As long as the challenges keep coming, I'll keep writing. This universe has taken on a 'world' of it's own.

  • *cries* Poor everyone!
  • Sweetie, so not right in so many levels, to make me hurt like this. *nods* Totally. So not right. *sniff*

    Still, amazingly written, so I can't quite hold you responsible. *g*
  • *sniff*
    That was so touching!
  • Heartbreaking.
  • *whimper* This was so sad. Another great additin to this universe!
  • Oh, so sad! Now I want to give the boys (and PJ) a big hug. Quick, write something happy so I'm not going around contemplating them pulling apart after the death of their third child!
  • *sobs*

    Man, that's so... well, unfair. But it never is, is it? :(
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