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wednesday100 Challenge: First Times

wednesday100 Challenge: First Times

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

“What does he do again?”

“He’s the girls baskeball coach at Met U.”

“Sam’s not into sports. Or girls.”

“I’m sure neither are a problem.”

“He never comes out of the lab, and yet he finds a way to meet this guy who has nothing in common with him.”

“It’s called serendipity.”

“It’s called gold-digging.”

“Stop worrying.”

“How? Sam hasn't brought anyone home to meet us in ten years. This is serious.”

“Yes, it is. Which means he wouldn’t pick someone untrustworthy.”

“So, you’re saying this Drew guy is probably a good person and I should quit fretting.”


“Fine. I’ll try.”

“Thank you.”

“Did you complete the background investigation on him?”

“It’s on the nightstand.”


FFL Timeline Updated
  • Love this! Even though it is just conversation, this allows you to have a different perspective depending on which character is speaking. Automatically, I thought Lex, when the background check was mentioned, but then I couldn't help but wonder whether it was Clark, which I could also see. The point of this rambling is that I love this!
  • Hee! Of course it is!
  • I love the fact that Clark not only is cool with Lex doing the background check on Drew, he wants to read it himself *G*!
    • I thought *Clark* had done the investigation for lex?
      either way, i really enjoyed this - made me want to read the actual dinner scene - you think theres any chance?
      • Well, we each have a shot at being right *G* - and I could well be wrong on who was doing what investigating.

        I too would love to read the dinner scene - poor Drew doesn't know what he's in for and as for Sam *G*!
        • lalala. I'm not telling who is right.

          Though I should write the other scene to this story - Sam and Drew are at the front door when this happens.
  • *snickers* That's excellent. i love the ending. :)
  • You bet the background check in on the nightstand!

    So good.
    • As if anyone brought home wouldn't get the third degree.

      I take that back: they practically shoved PJ out the door with Mike after barely a handshake. *g*
  • It's so nice that they're so comfortable enough to share the psychosis and paranoia with one another. It gives me all sorts of warm fuzzies:)
  • Poor Drew. Hopefully Sam has fully prepared him and will fly him away if it gets too horrible. ;D

    And of course they did a background check! Next thing you know, Drew will be telling Sam that he's pretty sure Superman is stalking him!
  • This was so amusing.
    Awww poor Drew won't know what will hit him when he finally does meet the parents.

  • Hee! That's very cute.
  • I ♥ FFL ;_; I would marry you and do all your laundry and dishes if you would only write FFL for me aaall the time ;_;
    • mwah. I'd take you up on it, if everyone else wouldn't keel me ded for not continuing ferret!Draco
      • Well. *grins* I might well offer if you'd do that faster, too ;) he. #^_^#
  • {grins}

    I so so so so so so needed that today.

  • (no subject) - emily_anne
  • LOL! What a family! Poor Sam!
    • And to think, he's the only one who has to put up with this. PJ got practially thrown out the door the first time Mike knocked.
      • You know it's because they look at PJ and see Take No Prisoners gal. They look at Sam and see sweet, befuddled scientist geek and the two dads go into over-protectiveness mode.

        Poor Sam and Drew, I'd love to see what happens next.

        Thanks, sweetie. This really helped today.

  • Any kid who is Clark and Lex's kid will come out with Issues. Very cute!!
  • *happy sigh*
    Love it!
    • Do you know how desperately I want to post your manip now? *g*
      • I wanted to post the three of them together, but now I don't know if I will be able to wait…

        I haven't made any progress on finding pics to make the family one, thus it might not be done before December. So if you want to release the two that I've made already that's okay, I can even make you two icons if you want. :-)
  • I love this! And I'm still not sure who was who... It could go both ways!

    I want more details on Sam and Drew! :)
  • *laffs* I thought it was Lex at first who was being paranoid, then I read the background investigation and thought it sounded more like Clark being paranoid. You are eviiil!
  • This made me smile a lot after a couple of bad days. Thanks! *g*
  • This is great. I love that I get to guess which one is saying what. Sequels? Please?

    I absolutely adore this universe. I look forward to every drabble on wednesday100. Do you mind if I friend you so I can keep up with your wonderful stories?
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