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wednesday100 Challenge: Home for the Holidays

wednesday100 Challenge: Home for the Holidays

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

Lex sat in his darkened office, a mug of hot cider at his elbow, listening to the soft strains of Vivaldi’s Christmas compositions playing on the stereo. A tall pine tree stood in the corner, colored lights sparkling, painting rainbows on all the furnishings. Handmade ornaments cut out of construction paper and doused liberally in glitter hung from the branches, draped with silver strands of tinsel that clung to everything and was found in the most onerous places. It was the first Christmas tree he’d had since he was thirteen, decorated with smiles and laughter and a precise schematic by his two favorite people in the world.

Clark and Sam were with their own family, where they belonged, but Lex didn’t mind being alone. It had been a very long while since he’d felt at home for the holidays and he was going to savor it, giving silent thanks for having Clark once more as a friend.

FFL Timeline Updated
  • ::sigh::

    sweet but slightly sad too. You just wanna CUDDLE Lex (then you remember that it GETS better and it's not so sad anymore.)

    thanks for sharing!
    the kendermouse
    • It's melancholy ;) Then, like you say, you do know what happens next to make the next ninety years of Lex's life full of joy.
  • Awww. This was sweet. And since the reader knows what happens in the future, there's a feeling of anticipation about it.
    • I like it, too, because Lex is actually comfortable with himself, which is rare in the beginning of this universe/season 1 canon through Stray.

  • I love this. I love all the possibilites you can feel stretching out before him even without knowing what comes next.

    Most of all, I love the fact that Lex is happy and that knowing Sam and Clark love him has helped him actually like himself again.

    Very nice sweetie!
    • Most of all, I love the fact that Lex is happy and that knowing Sam and Clark love him has helped him actually like himself again.

      That's exactly the tone I was going for, that he's content with himself, and that opens all sorts of doors for his future.

  • Awww. I love that you can see how much Clark and Sam were good for him, even before they got together.
  • Oh! That's just beautiful!
  • Awww, that was wonderful!
  • HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!!

    I have an emergency.....can I use one of your kids, or rather, one of the children's names, in my drabble? It needs to be Clark's child....which one was that?
    • ahhh! Totally never mind that! It can't be one of your kids 'cause it has Clara in it! So forget I said anything!
  • *sniff* I need to go read FFL again!
  • This is lovely, it's nice to see a bit of what Lex is feeling so early on.
  • *squeezes Lex* Oh, poor boy to be happy with so little... Good thing we know he gets Clark and Sam in the end :) I love the tree!
  • lovely work.

    *hugs* Merry Christmas! Season's Greetings!!
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