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wednesday100 Challenge: Two minutes to midnight, New Years Eve

wednesday100 Challenge: Two minutes to midnight, New Years Eve

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GEN Hana Kimi Happy

“I don’t think people were meant to bend like this.”

“You’re not people.”

“Thanks a lot—oh. Oh.”

“Glad you’re not people now?”

“Oh, god. Shut up and hurt me some more.”

“Like this?”




“Don’t tear a hole in the seat.”

“Stop talking.”

“Can’t. It’s the only thing stopping me from coming.”



“Not yet. Not yet.”

“Oh god, Clark.”

“Talk to me. Talk, talk, talk.”

“If the car’s a-rocking, don’t come.”



“It’s ‘don’t come knocking’—ohjeezdoesthatfeelgood.

“I think ‘don’t come’ is more appropriate in this instance. Fuck, Clark.”



“You came knocking.”


“Don’t drool on me.”

“Snotdrl, sm’rain leakin’.”

“My brain is still hard.”

“Gimmeafoo shex.”

“Sex. Yes. Want more now, please.”


“Horny. Shut up and fix it.”


“Fuck, Lex.”










“Quiet. I want cuddles now.”

“If I must.”

“You must.”

“We fogged the windows.”

“Would you rather people see us?”



“And who prompted us into the back seat?”

“It’s a drive-in. The back seat is, like, a requirement.”

“I think that’s a myth.”

“Lex, it’s… January first. It’s freezing outside. How do you think everyone is keeping warm in their cars?”

“It’s the first?”

“Five after midnight.”

“We missed New Years.”

“We did?”

“They say that you have to kiss those dearest to you at midnight, to ensure those affections and ties last through the next twelve months.”

“Now who’s quoting myths?”

“You’re right.”


“We should probably get dressed. My ass is freezing.”

“Lex, you were coming at the stroke of midnight. I think that will ensure a lot more than a kiss would.”

“Don’t patronize me, Clark.”

“I’m not. You did! I heard the fireworks just as you came.”


“Silly? Hot? Appropriate for His Royal Highness’s orgasm?”

“There’s usually a full orchestra for my orgasms.”

“I think there was a marching band. Will that do?”

“I guess it’ll have to, but next year…”

“Next year, I’m going to be the one coming at midnight.”


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